Barrier Seal - a seal that combines tamper evident properties with a strong physical barrier, usually requiring bolt cutters or similar to remove.

Cable Seal - a wire seal that is inserted into a metal body for the securing of vehicle doors and drums. It forms part of the barrier seal family.

Cash Bags - a small bag made from fabric (reuseable) as well as plastic (one time use) used for the transfer of smaller amounts of cash, notes and cheques. This type of bag usually has some type of tamper evident lock or release tape fitted to it.

Cash in Transit - Cash in transit. The transfer of cash between, for example, clubs/retail stores/ATM machines and central collection points.

Container Seal - a thicker style bolt seal that secures shipping containers, trucks and rail cars.

Courier Bag - manufactured from fabric (reuseable) as well as plastic (one time use) for the transport of mail and other items in a logistics network. This type of bag does not usually have any tamper evident security.

Gusset - the depth of a bag.

Indicative Seal - a seal that is usually plastic in material composition and used for tamper-evident purposes.

Mail Bag - a larger fabric bag used for post and bulky items, and fitted with a tamper evident device or used in conjunction with a plastic security seal.

One Time Use Satchel - a low cost, single use plastic satchel used for post, logistics and security applications.

Poly Mailer - a self sealing plastic bag regularly used in post and logistics applications.

Pull Tight Seal - a versatile plastic seal suitable for many applications. These come in many lengths with some seals featuring a convenient tear off feature which eliminates the need for a cutting tool.

Security Bags - a bag with a fitted device which in combination with a security seal or locking mechanism deters or highlights unauthorised entry.

Security Labels - adhesive stickers that provide evidence of unauthorised tampering.

Security Seals - plastic or metal seals that are affixed to vehicles, chemical drums, airline duty free trolleys, utility meters and a range of boxes and various other applications, in order to provide tamper evident protection and a level of security that can help to detect theft or contamination - accidental and deliberate.

Security Tape - continuous tape on a roll that is used for packaging applications such as cartons for freight, storage and archive boxes. This tape can fracture or highlight with a void message if tampered with.

Tamper Evident - describes a device or process that makes unauthorised access to the protected object easily detected.